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There are thousands of electrical and electronic components manufacturers from all over the world. Most of them produce components that are of high reliability and with excellent quality control for the military and commercial business.
We would be happy to build a database of all these manufacturers, but this is a tremendous project and requires a lot of time and efforts.
In the meantime, we have started over the past few weeks a simple project which gives a link to many manufacturer’s cross reference page to their competitor’s components.
In this project we had a community efforts where components engineers from several countries contributed their time to find and add a link to the manufacturer’s cross reference page.
As a by product of this project, you can have a direct link to the manufacturer’s website and also you can search by major products (components), which would give the names of the manufacturers who have this major part type.
Obviously a larger database would give you a lot more possibilities.
We hope that this project will help other components engineers, procurement employees, distributors, hardware designers, etc and we would appreciate it if more links can be added in order to enrich the database and to help others.

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